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Have you or teen been wanting to start a business? Are your children budding entrepreneurs? Would you like to learn, too? Then join our new online course available for pre-order now!

Are You worried….

Do you wonder what your teen’s future will be like? Are they struggling to answer the question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” Are you worried that your children might not be successful because they are not able to get a job or because let’s face it, we live in a scary world?! Do you feel in these uncertain times that your child and your family will not make it?

Maybe your child has wanted to start a business and they don’t know how and you have no idea how to start teaching them. Maybe YOU”RE the one who wants to start a business.

Perhaps your teen lacks clarity, purpose, and meaning. Perhaps you do and you’re looking for a way to turn your dreams into reality… especially in these days where so many are losing jobs or forced to work remotely.

I hear you and you don’t have to be in this situation!

It’s no easy task being a homeschool mother, that’s for sure. I’m right there with you as my son is 19 and he needs to start getting serious about his future.

It’s because of him that I started my own business long ago and it’s because of him that I am passionate about helping families discover their passions and callings so that they can create wildly successful businesses.

I believe strongly that God has gifted each person with unique abilities. A job and/or college is not necessarily a path for everyone. That’s why becoming an entrepreneur is an important idea to consider. And it’s even more important in these times when life is so uncertain and so many families are losing jobs. Now is the time to learn how to work at home!

Hi I am….

Dana Susan Beasley and I am a homeschooling mom and entrepreneur. I am passionate about helping homeschooling families and teens create their own businesses based on their passions and callings. A graphic designer for over 20 years, I have expertise in branding, digital marketing, and publishing. I am the owner of AngelArts and one of our functions is to publish homeschooling curriculum, offer courses, and run enrichment programs. I am also the author of entrepreneurial curriculum called Your Guidebook to Growing a Family Economy.

Introducing the Family Economy Video Course: Your Business Building Success BluePrint

entrepreneurial video courseSo I wanted a way to bring excitement to the homeschooling community about entrepreneurialism. I wanted to “come out from behind the curtain” and give some direct inspiration to families. Frankly, I want my son to take this course so he is inspired to take the next step!

This course will help you and your teen as aspiring entrepreneurs discover your why, identify your passions and callings, get a business concept, and create a name. Semester I thoroughly addresses marketing and branding fundamentals. The video course will also guide you through the best software (including free options) that will help build a brand. The second semester advanced class will continue the process, teaching graphic design fundamentals including a tutorial. You and/or your teens will end the class with a logo, Web banner, and marketing strategy.

There are three choices when it comes to purchasing the video course. You can choose the option with the physical 8x10 paperbacks Your Guidebook to Growing a Family Economy Manual and Workbook, you can purchase the option with the DIGITAL PDFs of the Your Guidebook to Growing a Family Economy Manual and Workbook, or you can receive the PDF lessons weekly in the membership portal.

This class includes three components: 1) Online video streaming on demand, 2) Audio options, and 3) PDF Lessons and Assignments

To find out more about the Family Economy curriculum, click here.

The class will be available for ON-DEMAND viewing starting January 21, 2021. It will be dripped out week by week for eight weeks. The second part to the video course will be available April 8, 2021.

Module 1

Why You Need a Family Economy (Available now. You can get started right away!)

Discover the reasons behind becoming an entrepreneur so even when it gets rough (and it will!) you will be in it for the long haul and not give up. Those who don’t quit win!

Module 2

The Basic Business Building Steps (Available January 21)

Knowing how to start a business and in what order can be confusing. In this module, I will share with you the major steps so that your business launch can be a success!

Module 3

Create a Vision of Your Family Economy (Available January 28)

In this lesson, you will identify your passions and callings using several questions and activities that will give you tremendous clarity. Knowing this will help you make informed decision about what TYPE of business to start. 

Module 4

Definitions You MUST Know to Get Started (Available February 4)

There are certain fundamentals of branding and business that every fledgling entrepreneur needs to know. Mastering these will give your teen a cutting edge as you take wings and fly in your new business endeavors!

Module 7

The Best Software to Build Your Brand (Available February 25)

A logo and brand these days needs software to build it. In this module, I share with your teen the best software choices, including free options!

Bonus 2

Income Streams Worksheet

Get a handy interactive worksheet that will map out multiple income streams for your teens and your whole family.

Other features

Q&A Sessions

You have the option to send me questions and I will answer them in weekly videos.

Module 5

Persona VS Name: Which One Are You? (Available February 11)

There is big debate in the business world whether a business name should be a descriptive identity or your own name. Your teens will learn the pros and cons and decide for themselves based on their personality and goals.


Module 8

Generate Ideas that Spark Your Creativity (Available March 4)

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, your teen needs innovation. And in order to be innovative, your teen needs creativity. This module will inspire your teen to spark creativity in his or her life and new business!


Bonus 3

Your Dazzling Future Encouraging Audio

This audio will give you and your family encouragement and wisdom to never quit during difficult, uncertain times.


Module 6

Essential Elements of a Well-Designed Logo/Brand (Available February 18)

This is where I lay out a lot of advanced graphic design and branding terminology. Your teen will learn graphic design and art secrets that will be the foundation for his or her business for years to come.

Bonus 1

Case Studies on Actual Students

Get real-time progress from students who are a step or two ahead of yours.

Bonus 4

Basic Graphic Design Tutorial and Software Demonstration and Course

Throughout the course, I will be doing an on-demand video mini course on graphic design and software tutorial including QuarkXPress and Photoshop. I will be actually working on a project and show you how I do it step by step.

Ready? Course Available Now!

What People Are Saying

“[The Family Economy Curriculum] is chock-full of powerful ideas based on sound financial and marketing principles that your family can follow step-by-step to experience success, make a mark, AND leave a legacy. You’d be wise to take advantage of this rich resource!”

Dr. Laurette Willis

Founder, PraiseMoves

“What I like about this resource is that it is broken down into realistic, manageable, and reasonably attainable steps that anyone can follow.  I also like how much Dana shows how she’s used the principles of entrepreneurship that she’s teaching in her own life. “

Tammie Polk

Author, Tammie Terrell Mompreneur Coaching

“My fifteen-year-old daughter Allie has a little applique business making shirts for kids and babies. She started making them for her little sister Kate (pictured below) when she was born, and it has grown from there. Last year she took Mrs. Beasley’s Internet Entrepreneurship class on the Schoolhouse Teachers website. We both learned a lot! She has now set up an Etsy shop.”


Homeschooling Mom, Katiebug Originals

“Before others will believe in you and invest in you and your business, you need to believe and invest in yourself.”

Dana Susan Beasley, Creator of Family Economy Video Course and Curriculum

This All Sounds Great But…

I can't afford it

Can you afford a high college bill where your student is not able to decide what they want to do in life? What if they could discover their passions and callings, learning how to run a profitable business BEFORE they even get to college? Would that be worth the investment? Comparable programs cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. This course will SAVE you and your student money in the long run.

We don't have time

Does your teen have two hours per week? If your student is to have a viable future, isn’t it worth prioritizing? After all, you get out what you put in. Maybe NOW is the time to dig in!

What if I can't make the live videos?

These videos are available only ON DEMAND week by week so you can schedule the videos anytime you like. The videos take 15 to one hour to watch.

How do I credit this toward school?

You can count this as an elective and economic class. Usually 125 hours counts as a half credit. Track their hours spent and it will count toward the subject. You can put as much or little time into it as you want to. I will give grades if you as a parent would like me to. But you as a parent have the final say.

But I want to go faster!

You can purchase the video course with the curriculum and dive even deeper, going as fast or slow as you want. The curriculum includes the tutorial and lessons on how to create a design strategy, brand strategy, logo, and Web banner.

How do I grade?

You can grade based on effort, engagement, and following instructions of assignments.

I have a special needs student

Special needs students have talents, too! Everyone does! Maybe your student is unable to get a job, but they probably have a talent or gift, even if it is hidden. This course will help uncover it so they can figure out how to turn their passions into a profitable business that will sustain them for years to come.

My student has a hard time writing

That’s ok. My son has dysgraphia and it’s hard for him to process, so I get it. You can be the scribe. That’s perfectly fine.

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